Designing simple, meaningful things with digital brands, agencies and product owners focused on creating a big impact.


I'm a digital product design lead (UI/UX) who enjoys designing simple, meaningful technology that helps people — like custom software, user interfaces, mobile apps, responsive sites and digital ecosystems.

Since I was little, my interests have revolved around empathy and making the world a little more beautiful. Interested in bringing the beauty of ease into digital spaces, my aim is to bring out the potential of a product and extend it into the digital world with honesty, thoughtfulness and simplicity. 

Fun Facts About Me

I'm Transylvanian-American and my name means "Magical Creature" in Hungarian :)

I'm the first of my family to be born in the States

When not designing, you'll find me GETTING MY ZEN ON (I'm WORKING ON BECOMING a MEDITATION teacher), exploring a remote corner of the world, ABSTRACT PAINTING or improvising on jazz piano—I've been playing I WAS since 4-years-old!


Select Clients

Honors & Awards

AdAge Gold Award for Branded Mobile Application
Digiday Best in Show Retail Award
Digiday Best Mobile Brand/Commerce Experience
Mobile WebAward: Best Fashion/Beauty Mobile Application
Interactive Telecommunications Program Camp Sponsorship at NYU
Creative Excellence Award - North America Creative Leadership Summit
Art published in Limited Edition Vol. 1 book at the Brooklyn Art Library
Website, writing and blog featured on nuSchool
Permanent collection at the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn
Interview in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, DN
Exhibition: “Art Love Japan” at the In Rivers Gallery in Brooklyn
Wunderman Interactive Award
AOL Competition Winner - 2nd place in US
Davlin Philanthropic Fund Design Award
AdLab ‘Best Branding’ Award
Rhode Island School of Design Book Award

Sasha Koren ECD, Global Digital & Ecommerce, Clinique  

Sasha Koren
ECD, Global Digital & Ecommerce, Clinique

"What a talent!!!! Tündi is a truly brilliant creative and a joy to work with. Her work is beautiful, strategically sound, and exactly what we needed. I wish we could bring her on full time!!! But I'll settle for a promise that we'll get her on our account again in the future. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you'd like any additional feedback. I'd gladly gush to you in person."

Natalya Staritskaya Integrated Producer, DDB  

Natalya Staritskaya
Integrated Producer, DDB


"Tündi is simply the best design lead I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She was more than just a creative force — she was essential to our project’s success. She brought in new technologies, ideas, and prototyping processes that benefitted the team holistically and allowed us to complete the project with fewer revisions and a much faster timeline. She always clearly communicated any blockers, was quick to accept feedback, and was driven to perform her best work. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone needing a kick-ass creative."

Adrian Dickerson Senior Copywriter, Tribal Worldwide

Adrian Dickerson
Senior Copywriter, Tribal Worldwide

"Truly creative people are like gold dust. In this industry, it's rare that you get to work with someone whose brain inspires you on a daily basis. Whose individuality and artistry seeps from everything they bear, wear and achieve. Tündi is an original card. Creative in every way. I was energized by Tündi each day I got to work with her. I learned from her, and she made my work better — always bringing something new and cool to the table. She pushed every time. Tündi is not afraid to take risks or fail, and it's what I love (and miss) most about her. She took me to new places and brought dead things out of me. As my professional partner, I couldn't have asked for someone more creative, hardworking and sweet. I'd be extremely lucky to work with her again. You'd be a fucking fool to not want to. And when you advice: don't let go."

Diana Casale Executive Producer, DDB

Diana Casale
Executive Producer, DDB

"Tündi’s a digital wizard! I recently had the pleasure of working with Tündi on a large product redesign, and not only was she amazing to work with, but she was a valuable key player throughout the design development process. Tündi’s knowledge of digital design brought another level to the work we produced. Her expertise, flexibility, collaboration with interdisciplinary teams and constant ability to raise the bar from a design perspective was incredible. As a producer you really can’t ask for a better digital consultant to partner with. Our project was under an aggressive timeline, and Tündi was not only very efficient, but the quality of work she brought to the table under tight deadlines was exceptional. I highly recommend working with Tündi, and I hope our paths cross again in the digital arena! She’s a rock star."

Andres Wyss Marketing Manager, SelectNY LP

Andres Wyss
Marketing Manager,
SelectNY LP

"I hit the jackpot when I got to work with Tündi! Tündi was referred to me with brilliant recommendations. Having worked with her on a major digital project I can only speak highly of her and her work. Besides being super knowledgeable, strategic and talented, she ELEVATED the project with her ideas and creative direction. I’m super-excited to see the project launch. The way the work was conceived and executed will catapult our overall brand identity and user experience. What can I say, Tündi is an all-around talent, just great to work with and a huge asset."

Megan Christensen Digital Producer, SelectNY

Megan Christensen
Digital Producer, SelectNY

"Tündi is one of the best digital creatives I have ever worked with. I hired Tündi on a new digital product for a creative agency. Anyone who has worked on an agency project knows the hurdles and headaches involved. However, in a short period of time she delivered a beautiful modern design that elevated the company’s digital presence. Tündi is thoughtful in her design approach. She takes the time to familiarize herself with a brand so that her designs are aligned to a brand’s core identity. She is very knowledgeable of the rapidly evolving digital landscape and partners closely with the technical team (developers, UX & information architects) to deliver the highest quality end product. I look forward to working with her again and I would recommend her to anyone looking to partner with a forward thinking digital director."

Bob Davies Creative Director, DDB

Bob Davies
Creative Director, DDB

"Tündi was an invaluable colleague on a recent large scale site design project for one of our biggest clients. The task, context and timeline was quite aggressive — simply put, we couldn't have done it without her and her formative skill set. 

But probably one of the most unquantifiable talents Tündi brought to our project was a relentless and infectious passion for design and problem solving. I watched her share her considerable expertise and resources not only with other creatives around her, but also with people from different departments. In this regard I especially valued having Tündi on our team and wholeheartedly recommend her for any projects where you need a true renaissance creative.

John Conroy ACD, SapientNitro

John Conroy
ACD, SapientNitro

"Tündi—whose name will challenge your knowledge of keyboard shortcuts—and I worked together extensively on several projects, so I can vouch for her awesome taste and general greatness. She managed to make one client in particular look cool and relevant—a herculean task if ever there was one. That project was killer (a beautiful-yet-systematic design with tons of UX & tech requirements), and she absolutely destroyed it. 

She's a great collaborator and team member, seasoned with client presentations, and super stylish to boot. Really one of my favorite creatives!"

Cyndie Spiegel Biz Strategist + Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

Cyndie Spiegel
Biz Strategist + Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

"Tündi is f*cking BRILLIANT + unbelievably humble. No, seriously, check out her website; she is no joke. She's won major design awards and accolades for her digital creativity. This woman is whip smart and goes through books like some of us go through jammies (Yes, I said "jammies" and not underwear because...ew!) Digital is her game and she's a ROCKSTAR at it. Oh and she's gorgeous, too! Thanks for inspiring us by being the humble, brilliant, creative genius that you are, Tündi!"

Michael Diener Experience Design Lead, Isobar

Michael Diener
Experience Design Lead, Isobar

"I've had the pleasure of working with Tündi across several projects. Each and every time, I was impressed with Tündi's ability to work seamlessly and collaboratively between UX, visual and technology teams to deliver systematically-sound, intuitive and beautiful experiences. I appreciated and looked forward to working with her, where she would either challenge my designs or provide input that would lead to a better solution for all team members involved. Tündi's grasp of branding, interactive design and systems level thinking was clearly evident across industries—whether she tackled luxury, fashion/beauty or travel."

Stephanie Hartzband ACD at MRM/McCann

Stephanie Hartzband
ACD at MRM/McCann

"She was a pleasure to work with and always brought new and fresh ideas to the table. Tündi's incredible design aesthetic helped to push the work beyond from the typical financial advertising status quo."


Meghan Keane Artist, Pas De Deux + Project Nihon 

Meghan Keane
Artist, Pas De Deux + Project Nihon 

"When was the last time someone walked into your life and saw all the ways your artistic vision, that is (literally) bigger than you, could become reality? Tündi Szász has just blown my mind. And, handed me a plan of attack. This year is about finishingshitIstarted, and it is all about to get really interesting."

Emre Erkul Senior VP Marketing, Seminole Gaming

Emre Erkul
Senior VP Marketing,
Seminole Gaming

"Had the pleasure to work with Tündi on an exciting digital project. Her approach to design, style and art combined with a unique strategic thought process resulted in a very successful outcome. Tündi brings a tremendous amount of joy and thinking to her work. A very talented individual, I know she’ll successfully put her signature on many more exciting creative endeavors to come!"