Avon Mobile App

Creative Direction


This project involved the redesign of the AVON US app and site, which eventually launched in over 20 other sectors/countries. The mobile app was also redesigned for representatives to engage with their customers, and vice versa. It makes ordering quick and easy, with all brochures available 24/7.


AdAge Gold Award
Branded Mobile Application

Digiday Awards
Best in Show Retail Award
Best Mobile Brand/Commerce Experience

Mobile WebAward
Best Fashion/Beauty Mobile Application





The challenge was to create a purchase platform online while maintaining AVON’s current business model of having representatives work directly with consumers. The e-commerce web platform carefully involved full social media integration to nurture these relationships. What resulted was a fully integrated system that allowed users to connect online with one another.

The creative strategy behind the site was no small undertaking and took a collaborative effort to match the complex user journeys to a visually stunning experience. Using innovative and best-in-class experience design standards and architecture, the new site presents a consistent and highly usable experience from start to finish. The improved design echoes today’s modern Avon consumer and provides a seamless, top-notch way to shop. From a visual perspective, the team was told to "start from scratch” and was challenged to create a completely new look and feel for the site. Taking cues from AVON's global style guide, the team pulled elements they felt spoke to the essence of the brand – utilizing its clean, de rigueur and crisp feel with hints of the famous AVON pink to complement the pages.  Striking imagery, along with brilliant color swabs and visual assets, help accent the pages throughout the entire shopping journey.