Feeling Insignificant?

Earlier today, I was speaking to a stranger. Being someone whom people tend to turn to for advice, they confided in their worst fear with raw honestly. "I feel insignificant," they whispered. Nothing pains me more than hearing these words. I've been there, and it's a heart-wrenching feeling that I can so relate to.

As wanderers of this world, sometimes life can feel like it's just going on without us instead of us feeling in control of our own path. The truth is that though we may never truly we be in control, we are always whole and we are incredibly, unspeakably significant.

You. Matter. SO much.

You matter because you exist. And by living your truth, which is to be your highest self, you will not only feel significant but shine like a crazy light. In doing this, you help guide others and create a ripple effect of enormous benefit to the world.

You may never even know why, but you are so unbelievably needed and deep down somewhere in you, you know this. You may never quite understand, but you are desperately needed and useful.

Here are three ways to shake you out of the feelings of insignificance:

  1. Do one small act of kindness (community work, service, etc) - By getting out of our own way and being of service, you'll instantly spread joy to the world, and yourself as well.
  2. Meditate: “I am loved" - Remind yourself of this every time you start spiraling into a dark mindset. You'll instantly feel your shoulders melt and at peace.
  3. Reach out to a loved one of friend and just…listen - When people feel you want to be there for them, it can have a huge impact on helping you shake out of your rut. Showing love and gratitude for others is a great way of moving past your mental clutter.

Thanks in advance for reading, and please leave a comment below letting me know what you do to move past feelings of insignificance. 

So much love,