Starting New

It’s weird. As I sit here in a coffee-shop in Williamsburg, mulling around about the next chapter, I see how tired I’ve become of all the constant hustling. Hustling from A—>Z, trying to be the best I can be. I’ve already become the “best” I could become, working with the Google Creative Lab earlier this year on a voice experiment, working at Elephant on a project for NBC Universal, turning down a full-time Creative Director offer from them later on. I feel like I’m beginning NYU ITP but am still unsure of the direct path. Is it still going to be design, or tech, or wellness? Will it be the combo, or just one? Will I become a meditation teacher or life coach? Or business coach for creatives? Or designer for big brands? Or technologist for events? I have no idea. I’m just excited. I don’t really post much on my personal thoughts, but perhaps I should. To inspire others to do the same, especially those who are in a similar transition.

I suppose I hesitate due to all the noise already out there on the internet, which has become overwhelming even for me. As a consumer, I continue to be reminded that I must produce. I cannot just consume content all day without an output myself. It feels glutinous actually to do this — and by putting myself out there, it’s just adding fuel to the noise. But as Marie Forleo says, I’m also denying people that trigger of inspiration, as I might just be one single step ahead.

Recently a lot of folks have been reaching out for conversations. Talks on design and making a positive change, and also those who are trying to move more into the design sphere. Others just want to wax on about entrepreneurship and business ideas. Others want me to collaborate on making agency sites, working with mega large companies, etc. But I’ve taken a pause on all that to focus on learning programming and finishing up the Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabrielle Bernstein. I feel like I’m somewhat stuck between both worlds: the wellness world and the design world. But somehow, someway … perhaps one day these 2 things won’t be at odds, and instead work together. Here’s hoping <3