Life Dollars

On Getting Rich in Life Dollars


We're in a new era of rich. Rich isn't just defined by cash money. It's defined by life dollars. What makes you feel richer in a holistic sense. It's about the music you listen to, the places you walk into for coffee, that morning ritual that really feeds your soul. It's the people you hang out with that make you feel really good, the small habits you love because they help you live life better. The little things that make the everyday more enjoyable are precisely the life dollars I'm talking about.

What would it be like if you spent your life dollars more wisely? If you didn't feel like the journey was being lived by someone else, but by YOU?

Step One is to understand what matters to you. A lot of people these days are chasing the dream. They want the cash, the cars, the babes, the VIP tables. That's them. Onto you...what do you want? Let me ask that again. What do you REALLY want? Are you soul-starved chasing for what other's think is best for you? Do you really care about getting that corner office or are you more of a person that thrives in the freedom of not even working in an office at all? Neither one is the right answer because only you really know.

Step Two is about taking small steps to get there. It's not how you acquire life dollars that matters (because they're free), it's how you spend them that matters. This takes a bit of soul-diving and quick on your feet thinking.

The funny thing with wants and desires are that they are often easier to attain than we think. I'm all about making changes RIGHT NOW. You don't need to spend all your hard-earned fortunes on dreams and they can often be attained on a much smaller scale for a similar feel-fucking-awesome life.

For example:

  • You want to get flat abs and feel healthy. Why? Is it to feel happier with your bod? How about starting right now. You can easily do a set of 10 crunches and take a walk around the block, stand up straighter and eat one bite less of dessert. Step 1 conquered now.
  • If you want a porche, figure out WHY you want that porche. If you want to impress that hot date in a porche, think first of getting that hot date and consider renting a porche for a day or a week to drive your sexy other half around. Seems less daunting than buying it straight out, don't you think? Tim Ferriss has a great section in his website about Dreamlining with tools on making this happen, you can check it out here.
  • Let's say you crave going on a zen retreat in Nepal. But when you get down to it, you realize the thing you really wanted was to get away from all the madness of work and meet a few new open-minded folks. How about taking a day out of work and attending a day class with a guru in your neighborhood? Signing up for meetup to meet once a month with like-minded people? Just these small acts will create HUGE change in getting you one step closer to the life you really want.

Everyone has different dreams. They could be tiny or huge, it doesn't matter. It's how you plan to spend those life dollars on small things that actually make a difference.

Now I'd love to hear from you. What do you want to spend your life dollars on? What is one small action you can do right NOW to get you one step closer?

Love and peace,