Thoughts From the Corner Office

So, I had the glass window and my own private office. A gorgeous view of Manhattan and several snowstorms later, I realized: guys, I've made it but I wasn't "really feeling it". Damn. Don't get me wrong, having my own space with a view was amazing. But it wasn't quite cutting it for me because it didn't fill the void, as they say.  

Fluorescent lighting, a lonely environment mixed with a combination of uninspiring work = daily migraines and counting down the minutes to leave. Not a pretty picture. So you see, it's not about the fancy bells and whistles. Sometimes it's more about the RIGHT kind of needs and desires.

Some necessities for me personally:

  • An open-plan environment ideally with tall ceilings to inspire lofty ideas (yep I said it!) and natural lighting.
  • Being able to directly collaborate with people rather than always relying on email. This saves confusion among zillions of emails and also is fun, too.
  • Doing work that matters and is inspiring. Without this, what's the point?  

What are your necessities? Think:

  1. Work environment
  2. People you collaborate with or solo
  3. Ways you can bring your talent
  4. Ways your talent is needed
  5. Location, where do you want to be 

Sometimes knowing what you DON'T want is even more important than you do want.  

Because it's not about just living, it's about thriving.