Audion - Subverticul

Though his electro-pop tunes (and clothing sensibility) are as smooth as butter, Matthew Dear’s alter ego, Audion, reaffirms that the sinuous artist still has roots embedded in his Detroit hometown’s techno legacy. The warehouse-shaking electronic project has been on the low for five years, but this spring Audion returns with SUBVERTICUL, a brand spankin’ new live show that includes an iris-widening audiovisual spectacle. Watch the trailer above, directed byThe Work Inc.

SUBVERTICUL is an evolution of HECATOMB, the 2009 tour where Audion melted minds using tripped-out visual projections to match the warped four-on-the-floor beats. Dear’s side project is back with a supercharged revival, including a custom stage set built by Heather Shaw of Vita Motus, the infamous team behind Amon Tobin’s legendary ISAM tour that The Creators Project documented in all its projection-mapped glorySUBVERTICUL will include a swath of LEDs, ebullient sound-reactive visuals, and a labyrinthine sculpture based off the Audion “A” that pulses, spins, and grows in response to the producer’s amorphous rhythms. Imagine the installations at a week-long electronic festival concentrated into one focused live show, and you’re still not close to the exhilarating experience of SUBVERTICUL. 

The performance had a soft premiere on February 22nd in Los Angeles, but the full-on debut kicks off at London’s Oval Space on May 4th, and will be followed by several festival dates around the world (see below for specifics). Audion will add more to this magic with a new album slated for some time in 2014.”

-From: The Creator’s Project