Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

In the last year or so, after studying mindfulness, meditation, minimalism, Buddhism, and then A Course in Miracles with Bridget Trama, an incredible spirit and human being, I have absolutely changed my mental model of how I view the world. I've become lighter. I surrendered to it all and just gave up the struggle. I've been writing my thoughts down since third grade, but somehow wasn't able to transform those thoughts into useful bits of knowledge to learn from, but that's all different now.

What caused me to do all that work? 
After a series of hard events that have shaped my life over the past few years (including the devastating effects Hurricane Sandy had on my living situation, the breakup from a 6 year relationship and overcoming a life-threatening virus that held me hostage for 9 months). I can safely say now that I'm ready to come out of the spiritual closet. I now know that life wasn't happening to me, but for me. These experiences taught me lessons that were invaluable.

What was once a huge weight on my shoulders and a confusing place to be in life became one of comfort and hope. Now, life looks a lot brighter with daily meditation, positive energy and overall a perspective that's 180 degrees different in the best of ways. I'm actually grateful for all I had to go through to get to this place.

I've put this post on hold for a long time thinking that people will pin me down as "religious" or weird. But I'm neither, I just believe in the goodness of human spirit. Love. Light. I've becoming spiritually centered and free. But why am I sharing this now? Because I believe that everyone has the potential for great change in their lives. I live in NYC, where people are so angry and frustrated. The economy has changed and people are more busy and scattered than ever. I believe everyone could use some good vibes and a positive shift in perception. I now believe that happiness is a choice, and I'm ready to continue on this path.

I'd like to hear from you and your journey coming out of the spiritual closet. Please post below and let me know your story and why it matters to you!