The Joy of Less

About six months ago, I went through a pretty significant purge and from that, a lot has shifted. I'm not sure where it started...probably from the fact that my new place has limited closet space. But suffice to say, I've never felt more spacious...both mentally and physically. 

I've always been somewhat of a minimalist, but lately I've kicked it into high gear. I've completely shifted the way I see objects now. I now buy things strictly if I find use for it, or I'm just so insanely love with it that I can't leave it waiting another day. In essence...if I don't see value that will last for a year +, it's not coming home with me. Even small things like hoarding photos has to go. I'm still guilty of this to some degree (see my pinterest for instance), but I'm making a huge effort to scale back and be pickier than ever.

Also, I found that having less significantly improves my mood. I've struggled sometimes with anxiety, overwhelm and depression (as most of us do), and walking into a home where there wasn't stuff overflowing all over the place totally lifted my spirits.

In terms of design, minimalism and white space is such a big part of my work. I like to keep things simple, it's something that I pride myself on. And now having that seep into every little part of my life feels so much more in line with who I am. It feels like simplicity, minimalism and space is my *thing* and I can actually own that and say that's my just a part of me.

Now tell me.

What could you do away with? Do you think that having less could improve your life, and why? Would love hear your thoughts.

With love,