Top 5 Books for Creative Entrepreneurs

I’m a complete book nut. If anyone knows me, they know I’m cycling at least 3-5 books and possibly an e-course or two at the same time. The reason is simply that I love learning. There's constantly things to improve in my life, make things smarter, and make the world better through me.

Some of the top books of all time that I’ve read:

  1. 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss
    This book has completely changed my perspective on work and what it can do FOR me. I'm not going to say it's totally been possible or even realistic, but the idea of creating a lifestyle (as in "life design") is revolutionary. I recommend that everyone and their mama read this.
  2. Desire Map - Danielle LaPorte
    This book is another one that has completely changed my life. It made me decide how I wanted to FEEL first (something Tim Ferriss talks a lot about in 4 Hour Work Week). Mind. Blown.
  3. Rework - 37Signals
    You want to be a kick-ass entrepreneur? I mean REALLY kick-ass? This book is for you. Chock full of life advice and tidbits of how the old system just isn't cut out for the new world. Must. Read.
  4. Become a Key Person of Influence - Daniel Priestley
    A man who sat next to me on the plane gave this to me. What a miracle. This books takes you from average to a freaking SUPERNOVA. Everything you'd want to know about marketing the hell out of yourself is in these pages.
  5. Product Design for the Web - Randy Hunt
    Saved the best for last, what else? This books talks about everything needed for the modern digital experience designer. This is a world that I'm deeply involved in, and is so so soooo rarely written about. This book exploded the lid on UI/UX/IA and what it means to be a "unicorn", a word hated by everyone, and what it's all about.

What books do you like? I'm a book nut so please leave me a note below and give me some recommendations!