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Tündi Szász

Design Life Well is a course and philosophy I created to help others step into their own power using personal development tools I've learned over the years. It includes upgrading and rewiring their inner software (their minds) to control their hardware (their physical experience of life).

Design Life Well includes a podcast, book, e-course, blog and brand to help others get honest about step up in their lives.


It all started with this project, Illuminata. This was the project that changed my life.


In 2015, just shy of my 27th birthday, I fell ill with Hepatitis A, and health became top of mind. I wrote about that experience here. During that time, I also was experiencing a lot of shame around my self-worth as a self-taught designer. I was an art director, who desperately wanted to get into UX because it looked like it paid better and honestly the people were what I though were more talented. All I did was use Photoshop and Sketch and make pretty layouts. UX people thought of strategy and that to me was really cool. They got closer to the business, and most importantly they didn’t have to address visual design, which is the field I feel the MOST ashamed in. I never went to design school and was fairly self-taught. So I felt a lot of shame around not having done the right way into the business. I didn’t feel like I was “good enough” of a designer. Do you guys ever feel that way?

I thought, I might need more education on all this stuff. I enrolled in NYU ITP’s summer bootcamp, and shortly afterwards did this little side project after work with a couple colleagues.

Collaborating with a few colleagues, we created a way to encourage people to exercise more over taking the elevators. To do this, we created a magical experience by having a light beam follow alongside people using the stairs. It was during this experience that I said, hey wow technology can be fun, it’s curious, and it helps people in unusual ways. At the same time, I’m a super spiritual geek who’s really into health and wellness, and that part of me cheered! Wow, look you’re helping people using really cool stuff.

In one week’s time, nearly 15% more people used the light stairs, simply because it was a more joyful and curious experience.

Seeing this experience, it dramatically transformed the way that I viewed technology.

I began freelancing shortly afterwards, and deepened my experiences in the realms of personal development. learning about spirituality and learning to meditate. I started to get curious about my soul, and what is curious to it. I started a new philosophy, in fact.

Fast forward 5 years and even though I healed from Helpatitis A, I'm still going through difficult times regarding health in other ways. The experience has pushed me to look further into the realm of wellness from the inside out. This journey is what has led me to this philosophy to “Design Life Well”.

Design Life Well is the philosophy I've been practicing for about 5 years now. It's a mix between business and life design to help people to become the best version of themselves. It's also the art of designing technology to literally create better lives for people. In a business sense, it's a way to help creatives create work and a livelihood that is abundant, smart and efficient through mindset shifts and practical tips (from negotiation to having the right web presence). And from a life perspective, it's making choices that help you over time: daily morning and evening meditation, a prayer or gratitude practice, and developing an abundant mindset. It will also serve as the basis of my work in years to come, employing technology to continue helping people whether that is in the hardware or software space. The art and tech I'm creating will help people achieve increased well-being and sense of ownership over their health.


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