Design Life Well
Helping creatives upgrade and rewire their inner software.


Designed for creatives (like you!) to step into your true worth and value by designing a career and life you absolutely LOVE. If you’re on the fence about a job, having issues with money or freelancing, or maybe dealing with so many personal issues regarding mental health or wellness or WHATEVER that you just need a person who really gets it, I’m your gal. I’m real. Like, real-real. So, rather than telling you what to is the right thing to do without even hearing you out, my goal is rather to listen to you and ask the right questions to guide you to do what’s right from a holistic perspective using straight-shooting career + personal development tools I've learned over the years.


Services + Pricing

It started years ago when colleagues and strangers would reach out to me on the inter-webs asking for advice. Sometimes, mere emailing was not enough. Hence, I set up an opportunity to hire me for 1-on-1 for more in-depth convos to give creatives the chance to really optimize their careers and lives, and have been doing so for a long, long time with brilliant results.

My pricing menu is as follows:

$250/hour booked for either:

  • A single 1-hour hash-out

  • Four 1-hour sessions (once a week for one month) or

  • Eight (once a week for two month) sessions. 


Interested in coaching 1-on-1 with me?
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