Meditation Technology (TransTech)


Transcendental Meditation: Day One of Four: 1/4

Did I transcend? Yes. Yes, I did. I had a teacher work with me one on one. It took me a long while me to get used to. As easy as it's supposed to be, I found it very difficult to let go and be ok with just ... being. TM is the most widely studied form of meditation in the world and is a mantra based meditation. It is completely private and your teacher chooses your mantra based on your personal application and history. I will never speak my mantra to another, for that would mean it loses its energy. I have 3 more days to go. Then continued daily practice.

When day one finished, I felt exhausted and needed a minute to gather myself and my emotions, when something funny happened. I went downstairs to use the restrooms which happened to be in City Hall, where brides were preparing to get married. A flurry of flowers, confetti and rice were being thrown everywhere. The whole experience felt very ... Very Celebratory. Then, I exited and walked down Worth Street (the irony of words doesn't escape me) and took myself out to lunch a block away to the closest restaraunt I could find: The Original Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian Restaraunt.

Space. Celebration. Well-being. Entering a new era. This is how I feel at the moment.

Thank you to the David Lynch Foundation and the Family Justice Center for this adventure. Part 2 to come.