OkCupid App - Data Conversations

Creative Direction


Online dating can be overwhelming. There is less time being put into crafting meaningful conversations. To solve this problem, I worked with OkCupid to find new playful ways of encouraging people to converse better leading to more in-person dates. Working closely with OkCupid's Engineering Team, we segmented three different user scenarios based on profile data—low, medium and high. Using profile data mining, the app would use machine learning to auto-generate customizable "icebreakers" in playful ways. 


Our mission was to change the behavior from simply liking and sending off bland messages, to crafting more personal and meaningful conversations. By creating more unique ways to message, this lead to MORE CONVERSATIONS, WHICH STATISTICALLY SHOULD HAVE LED TO more IN-PERSON dates among users.


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User Experience (UX) Sketching

Information Architecture Mapping - Flows

Rapid Prototypes with Engineering Team

UI Visual Design and Branding

User Testing


Data-driven conversation starters: